Why do I need to upgrade to Epos?

Small business owners are finding that their business is easier to manage when they upgrade to an EPOS system. Once set up, transactions are faster and time consuming tasks are eliminated. If you are a small business considering whether EPOS is right for you, this article will help.

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Social media and marketing strategies for small businesses

29 April 2019

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If you are a small local business with no marketing department or social media experience it can feel rather daunting to put together a digital marketing strategy. It is however crucial that in today's marketplace, you are able to compete on the same playing field as your competitors.


Customers are online and expect to find information about a service or make their purchases via the internet. You have a much better chance of communicating with your audience by having an up-to-date and engaging digital presents then you possibly could by cold calling or sending out information on paper.


Answering the biggest questions


The question is how best to reach your audience. You have to decide what works for your business and then choose where to begin. Ideally begin work first of all on your branding, and your logo. Having a well put together image helps to increase brand awareness and get your name known. You will also need to put together a website. This should be full of content about your business and ensure you are accessible via search engines. You can also link your website up to social media at a later date. A well-built website will give you opportunities to capture as much information as you can about your customers, for example asking them to enter an email address in order to sign up for your e-newsletter.


SEO and analytics


You can then begin to learn about search engine optimisation or SEO, which involves tweaking the content on your website to increase the likelihood of it appearing high up in the search engine results. Keywords are a good way to optimise your presence on search engines. For businesses seeking local clients, local search optimisation is really important so that customers looking for a service in the area will find you.


There are lots of great ways to analyse how much traffic your website is attracting, and what route that traffic is taking in order to find you. This enables you to tweak those keywords to make you more searchable than before.


Social media marketing


Social media is a great way of aligning yourself with similar companies or brands that share your values. Interact with other organisations and people who share your interests, or other local businesses, if you are looking for local clientele. Social media is a form of digital networking and you are basically trying to get yourself known by connecting with people online and sharing information about your business. Decide what you want to get out of your social media interactions. Perhaps you are trying to increase your sales, increase brand awareness or enhance engagement with clients or customers. Base your strategy around your goal.


Whichever form of digital marketing or social media you decide to pursue, remember the key is strategy. Having a plan in place will enable you to engage effectively with your chosen audience.