Same Day Settlement

What are the benefits of Same Day Settlement?

Benefits of Same Day Settlement: You made the sale, so why wouldn’t you want your funds straight away? Your cash flow will be improved with Same Day Settlement, you can settle your accounts faster

What is Same Day Settlement?

Same Day Settlement: Same Day Settlement (also known as ‘Faster Payments’) is processing service provided by RMS which allows customers to receive their GBP funds from card transactions in a matter

What is Next Day Settlement?

Next Day Settlement: Customers can receive next day funding from their card machine if they complete their batch (end of day banking) before 01:45am.  Support

Can I cancel Same Day Settlement from my account?

Removing Same Day Settlement: Yes, you can remove Same Day Settlement at any time. You must provide us with 30 days' notice for us to remove the service from your account.  Support

Is there any extra charge for Same Day Settlement?

Charges for Same Day Settlement: Yes. There is a small extra charge for the benefit of faster payments. Faster payments cost just £2.95 per month plus £0.30 per batch.  Support

I close my business in the evening, will I still receive my funds by the end of the night?

Cut off time for Same Day Settlement: If you batch your card terminal before 3pm, the funds will go into your bank account before the end of the same day. If you batch your terminal any later, the