PCI Compliance

My company wants to store credit card data. What methods can we use?

How can my company store credit card data? Most merchants that need to store credit card data are doing it for recurring billing. The best way to store credit card data for recurring billing is by

What is PCI DSS compliance?

PCI DSS compliance explained Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global security initiative designed to protect your business, your customers and the banks. Created by the

What will I gain from being PCI compliant?

Why be PCI compliant? We recommend that all merchants comply with PCI standards, as it gives advantages to businesses of all sizes, including: Increased peace of mind over data security, a

What are PCI compliance 'levels' and how are they determined?

PCI compliance levels explained: All merchants will fall into one of the four merchant levels based on Visa transaction volume over a 12-month period. Transaction volume is based on the aggregate

My business has multiple locations, is each location required to validate PCI compliance?

Do all my business locations need to be individually PCI compliant? If your business locations process under the same Tax ID, then typically you are only required to validate once annually for all

Am I PCI compliant if I have a SSL certificate?

Does an SSL certificate count as being PCI compliant? No. SSL certificates do not secure a web server from malicious attacks or intrusions. High assurance SSL certificates provide the first tier of

What are PCI non-compliance fees?

PCI non-compliance fees It is important that your PCI compliance is renewed annually, as the financial implications of a security breach can destroy businesses of any size. All acquirers impose

How do I become compliant?

What you need to do: Shortly after you join Retail Merchant Services, you will receive an email from your acquiring bank (Elavon or Global Payments) regarding your annual PCI Compliance. This will

My company doesn't store credit card data, does PCI compliance still apply to us?

Does PCI compliance apply if I don't store credit card data? If you accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment, then PCI compliance applies to you. The storage of card data is risky, so if

Do organisations using third-party processors have to be PCI DSS compliant?

Do organisations using third party processors have to be compliant? Yes. Using a third-party company does not exclude an organistion from PCI DSS compliance.    However, it may cut down on their

Are debit card transactions in scope for PCI compliance?

Do debit card transactions need to be compliant? In-scope cards include any debit, credit and pre-paid cards branded with one of the five card association logos that participate in the PCI SSC:

If I only accept cards over the phone, does PCI DSS still apply to me?

Does PCI apply to me if I only accept cards over the phone? Yes. All businesses that store, process or transmit payment cardholder data must be PCI Compliant. Support