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How do I get paid once I have processed a debit or credit card?

Getting Paid: When a customer pays using a debit or credit card, the funds are transferred into your merchant account. They are then transferred into your business bank account.   This process takes

What happens if I need help?

Need help? We have a dedicated team of Customer Support agents available if you ever need help, who can be called on 01908 354 500. Customer Support Opening Hours Monday   8am - 8pm Tuesday   8am -

5 benefits of a merchant account for small businesses

5 benefits of a merchant account for small businesses card machines 5 benefits of a merchant account for small businesses Setting up a merchant account is not just about giving customers the

How can I accept card payments over the phone?

Accepting payments over the phone: If your business tends to take a high volume of orders by telephone or mail order, a virtual terminal would be ideal for your business.   A virtual terminal allows

How long will it take me to set up my RMS account?

How long to set up your account: We can have you up and running in as little as 10 days from the point of signing up, but this will depend on how quickly you pass the application process. Providing

Where it cost me to leave my current provider?

Cost of leaving your current provider: This will depend on the agreement in place and any contractual obligations you have with your current provider. For example, there may be cancellation costs if

What is a merchant account?

Merchant account: This is the bank account associated with any merchant services product and is used to receive funds from card transactions. It’s responsible for taking payments from your customer

Why should I start taking card payments?

Why accept card payments: More and more consumers nowadays expect to pay for their purchases with their card in store or online, the ease of contactless and the decline of cash payments in recent

What are the best credit card machines for small businesses?

Best machines for small businesses: This totally depends on the type of business you run and how you interact with customers. Consider whether you want to take card payments in-store, online, over

How can I accept card payments?

Accepting card payments: We make it quick and easy for you to set up your card machine and start taking payments. It can take as little as one week for us to set you up with a terminal or 24 hours 

How do I accept payments online?

Accepting online payments: If you have an online business like an eCommerce store or an internet service, you’ll be required to install a payment gateway to process card payments and protect your

What are the costs of accepting card payments?

Cost of accepting card payments: The cost of your card machine will depend on several factors, like the nature of your business, turnover and which terminal you choose; typically countertop (also

My business has a default or a CCJ, can I still apply?

Can I still apply with a default or CCJ? Yes, you can. We cannot guarantee we will be able to open an account for you, but we carefully consider every application based on the information supplied

Will you be able to beat my current providers price?

Beating your current providers price: We will always strive to offer you a better package and competitive rates on card processing compared to your current provider. When you speak to one of our

How long does it take for the money to go in my account?

How long for money to go into your account: Normally, payments are made within 3-5 days, but depending on the type of account you choose to take with us, you could receive funds in a matter of hours

Can you cancel my old provider for me?

Can we cancel your old provider? No. Due to data protection, we are not able to do this for you. If you have a contract or agreement with another provider you must cancel your agreement directy with

Will there be a break in service if I am switching providers?

Switching Providers: No. There will not be a break in the service while switching.  Support

Choosing the right payment service provider as a small business

Choosing the right payment service provider as a small business card machines Choosing the right payment service provider as a small business A payment service provider (PSP) can help any