Account and Billing

Why are my funds not in my bank account from a few days ago?

Late receiving funds: You need to batch your terminal at the end of every day (also known as ‘end of day banking’) for the funds to go into your account. Doing this daily will get your funds into

How can I change my Trading Name, Address or Bank Details?

Changing details: To change your address or bank details, you will need to download and complete one of the forms below depending on which acquirer you are with.    Global Payments Elavon    When

Why am I being charged 2 bills and 2 direct debits?

Double charges: On your bank statement, you will see 2 sets of periodic charges for your card processing services:   Your acquirer charges (either Elavon or Global Payments), which charge for card

Where can I find my invoices?

Invoices: Your Retail Merchant Services invoices are sent by email. If you need additional copies, please get in touch with us on 01908 354 500 and we will provide you with these. your account and

Can I check my day to day transactions anywhere online?

Checking your transactions online: For customers with Elavon acquiring bank, you can view your day to day transactions on Elavon Connect, a free service provided by Elavon.  To activate this service

How can I pay off an invoice?

Paying Invoices: If you have an invoice due to be paid, we will have e-mailed you with a weblink where you can make the payment online. Alternatively, the invoice can be paid by credit or debit card

Where can I find my statements of payments received?

Finding your statements: These are emailed to you monthly. If there is an issue obtaining your statements, you will need to contact your acquiring bank. This will either be Elavon or Global Payments