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RMS Receive Double-Award by Payment Industry Leaders

01 Mar 2017

The UK’s Most Recommended provider of card payments, Retail Merchant Services, have once again been acknowledged for their contribution to the card payments industry with not one, but two esteemed industry awards.

Retail Merchant Services have been awarded ‘ISO of the Year 2016’ from Verifone, the UK leader in secure electronic card payments and POS solutions and ‘Outstanding ISO Performance 2016’ from Atlanta-based Elavon, part of U.S Bancorp’s payment services division and leader in card processing for over twenty years.

Receiving the awards on behalf of Retail Merchant Services at their 10th Annual Conference in December 2016, Gareth Poppleton, Managing Director said: “Once again we are thrilled to have been recognised by Elavon and Verifone for our efforts during 2016. They were central in supporting our business during our early years and together our partnership still has a stronghold on providing affordable merchant services almost 10 years later. These awards acknowledge our commitment to providing card payments for independent businesses in the UK and Ireland, and we will continually strive to fulfil this need.”

With Retail Merchant Services’ 10 Year Anniversary approaching later this year, the Milton Keynes based ISO (Independent Sales Organisation) have supported SMEs with card payments for almost a decade. Originally founded by payment industry experts as an alternative to merchant services provided by the banks, Retail Merchant Services give small businesses access to card machines, online payment gateways and phone payments.

Verifone Award Retail Merchant Services 2016

James Lotz, Sales Director, Verifone said, "This is the third consecutive year we have selected Retail Merchant Services for this award. Retail Merchant Services has been a credit to our industry and to the small and independent businesses they champion across the UK and Ireland. Due to their significant support of the SME market, Retail Merchant Services remain a key customer for Verifone in the UK and Ireland.”

Retail Merchant Services have the largest employed field sales force in the payments industry, with ongoing training and development at the forefront of the team’s core values: face to face dialogue, human touch and open lines of communication.

Elavon Award Retail Merchant Services 2016

Viv Galligan, Head of Partners & Customer Management, Elavon “I’ve personally been involved with the partnership between Elavon and RMS from the very beginning and the growth they’ve experienced has been at times, incredible. It goes beyond simply supply and demand, their expansion and success is a credit to the efforts made by the teams within RMS that all hone towards customer experience and a responsive service; this has been apparent from day one.”

Retail Merchant Services have now received 11 consecutive payment industry awards in the last six years. Gareth also added "Ten years on, merchant services are still the backbone to our offering, but we are continually building a service that gives additional benefits to the small business owner that extend beyond their chip and pin machine. We want to give more back to our customers and be accountable for supporting their problems and successes.”