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Retail Merchant Services Picks Up Ninth Industry Award

25 Aug 2016

The UK's leading card payments provider for small businesses has again been recognised with a prestigious award for "Best ISO Performance" 2015 from Verifone, the UK leader in secure electronic card payment and POS solutions.

Founded in 2007, Milton Keynes based Retail Merchant Services Ltd was established by payment industry experts as an alternative to the banks to open UK card payments processing to every business no matter how big or small. Operating as an ISO (Independent Sales Organisation), RMS offers affordable solutions in an industry historically dominated by the banks. This award is their 9th industry award and counting...

James Lotz, Sales Director, Verifone said, "We are pleased to present this award to Retail Merchant Services. In our nearly decade-long partnership, RMS has shown real entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to helping small and independent businesses grow and prosper in the UK market. This focus has not only enabled RMS to achieve success but has also contributed to Verifone's own growth in the SME vertical."

Gareth Poppleton, Managing Director of RMS, said: "This is the second year in succession that we have been recognised by Verifone for "Best ISO Performance", who we have partnered with since the beginning. It's been an incredible journey driven by a highly talented team of people and we look forward to continuing to make a real difference to the businesses and lives of the people that we help".

Chris Evans, Account Manager, Verifone added, "RMS continue to lead the way with affordable card payment solutions tailored for SMEs, combined with modern technology such as contactless/NFC and the latest in PCI security standards."

Boasting the largest employed field sales force in the industry; training and on-going development remains high on the agenda for RMS.

"When it comes to small business owners, they are busy running their business and may not have thought about the potential saving they could make by switching to an independent provider" says Gareth, adding "Our customers like face to face interaction and the personal touch so we invest heavily in training and development, ensuring our customers meet with a local payments expert who is fully equipped to identify the best solution for their business. It's all about trust and reliability, customers want to know they are getting a fair deal and a reliable service and that we are there to help when things don't go wrong".

Retail Merchant Services are exhibiting at the MKJOBSHOW and have a whole host of opportunities across sales and operational departments in line with the expansion of their MK based head office. For more details see: