Snap Takeaway 2.0 integrates Online Payments & Order at Table feature

The updated version of the web page builder for SMEs offering product delivery and collection services, now has a fully integrated payment gateway and an 'order at table' function for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

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Snap Takeaway 2.0 integrates Online Payments & Order at Table feature

3 September 2020

small business Snap Takeaway

Milton Keynes, UK (3rd of September 2020) – Retail Merchant Services have released the first major series of updates to Snap Takeaway, their web page builder for SMEs offering product delivery and collection services.

The online platform allows small business owners to list their products online at speed, collect orders and accept card payments from their customers. From here, the merchant can choose to offer collection or delivery to their customer, in order to reduce the number of physical visits to their premises or alternatively, minimise the contact time in store between staff and customers.

Snap Takeaway 2.0

From COVID-19 response to ‘the new norm’

Snap Takeaway was originally launched in March this year to give fast food outlets, restaurants and pubs the ability to offer a food collection or delivery service to their customers during lockdown. With the ultimate aim of opening a new revenue stream to combat with the difficulties caused by COVID-19.

However, with the changes in consumer behaviour being so profound, the tool is continuing to be used as SMEs adjust to ‘the new norm’ and implement longer term safety measures and adaptions to their businesses in the wake of coronavirus.

The first release of the platform saw users create a simple, custom web page to list their menus and collects orders online. The merchant would then arrange takeaway or delivery details with their customer and give them the option to take a card payment over the phone (through a virtual terminal) or face to face via a contactless card payment on their card machine.

More than a takeaway tool

Since its launch, the platform has been adopted by a host of different businesses (not just fast food outlets) looking to gain a fast online presence and promote their products to customers who are still cautious to visit the high street or simply prefer to order online:

  • Takeaways
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Butchers
  • Bakers
  • Florists
  • Hardware stores

Now with integrated Payment Gateway

Previously, businesses could use Snap Takeaway to collect orders online, but needed to arrange for card payments to be taken separately. This will still be an option available to the merchant if they choose to enable it within their settings, as some customers may simply prefer to pay on collection. However, the second iteration of Snap Takeaway has an online payment gateway fully integrated.

This means the customer can now browse products, place their order, pay by card and arrange collection or delivery all through the same platform; similarly to other well know product delivery services.

The payment gateway provided by Retail Merchant Services is built with security and reliability at the core, along with real time transaction data, simple payment management tools and next day settlement of funds to the merchant.

‘Order at Table’ feature available for restaurants, pubs and takeaways

For businesses in the food and beverage industry who have recently reopened and introduced their customers into a reformatted dining environment, the ‘Order at Table’ feature is now available through the Snap Takeaway 2.0 user area.

In order to support social distancing and minimise unnecessary human contact, each business is assigned a unique QR code which can be downloaded and printed out. The QR code is then displayed at each table, where the seated customer can scan it with their smartphone and order their menu choices through a mobile-friendly version of the site.

Once the order is placed, the user has the option to pay straight away (directly through the site) or defer to pay later, either in cash or by card. These options can vary depending on the merchant’s preferences and payment system configuration. Finally, the user will receive an email summary of their order, with their specific table number listed.

If you’re interested in providing a product pick-up or delivery service to your customers, visit the Snap Takeaway website or get in touch below:



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