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RMS launch 'Snap Takeaway' to help food outlets during COVID-19

31 March 2020

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Milton Keynes, UK (31st of March 2020) - Retail Merchant Services have launched ‘Snap Takeaway’, an online platform for restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets that enables small business owners to present their menus online, take orders from their customers, and ultimately, open a revenue stream for newly instated food delivery and takeaway services during the UK business restrictions caused by coronavirus.

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Snap Takeaway launched by Retail Merchant Services

Getting your takeaway service online: Be found, take orders and get paid


Snap Takeaway is a free¹ platform for Retail Merchant Services members, where they can create a custom web page to promote their takeaway service and collect orders online. Listing all the food options available for collection and delivery to their customers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The business owner is granted access to a webpage management area after supplying a unique email address. From here, they can start building a simple webpage, along with their details and company information.

A full menu can be itemised on the webpage and each option made available to order online, including:

  • Dish names: Starters, appetisers, main courses, sides, deserts, others
  • Descriptions: Including ingredients, serving size and allergens
  • Pricing, availability and VAT applicability

Once the webpage has been created, it can be shared by the business owner on their social media sites, within local community groups or forums, and in some instances, emailed or linked within an SMS message to their customers.

With small businesses taking to digital channels to communicate recent operational changes in their business caused by coronavirus, a primed platform exists to share theses microsites, along with an opportunity to improve overall web presence.

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Retail Merchant Services launch Snap Takeaway

Webpage management and back-end process


The user has full access to back-end webpage management and administration tools, so does not rely on Retail Merchant Services to make any changes in content. There’s also visibility on order-queuing, so it’s clear which orders are outstanding, what’s currently being processed and which food has already been delivered or collected by the customer.

The merchant arranges either takeaway or delivery details with their customer and can decide whether to take a card payment:

  • Over the phone (where merchant has opted for Virtual Terminal)
  • Face to face contactless payment via their card machine

The Retail Merchant Services Customer Support team are on hand to discuss these requirements with the business owner and walk them through any operational idiosyncrasies at the point of setup.

Custom web page to promote takeaway service

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No fixed charges and 0% commission²


There are no fixed monthly charges or one-time fees to use Snap Takeaway. Access to the platform and all of its features are free, providing the user has:

  1. An active Retail Merchant Services membership
  2. A unique and accessible email address where they can receive orders

The platform is being included with the RMS membership package at no additional fixed cost to the merchant. Where a card machine is present, the terms of the original membership agreement will remain in place.

In an effort to beat the financial burdens of COVID-19 and maximise incoming revenue to SMEs, Retail Merchant Services will not claim any percentage of total order value for the first 3 months of Snap Takeaway’s launch (until 30th of June, 2020), to cover any government advised ‘lockdown’ period. Additionally, this exemption period may be increased if business restrictions are made longer.

Sunil Peenikal, Chief Technology Officer at Retail Merchant Services said: “We want to help our merchants as much as we can during this crisis. They [RMS’ merchants] have shown great initiative by adapting their businesses so quickly, and naturally, we must do the same in order to support them. Snap Takeaway is a manifestation of this intent and we sincerely hope it helps.” He also added: “One of the biggest benefits of Snap Takeaway is the turnaround speed. Merchants can be online in a matter of hours, in some cases minutes, not weeks.”

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Terms & conditions apply. Snap Takeaway is only available to businesses with an active Retail Merchant Services membership agreement. (1) There is no one-time charge or additional monthly fee associated with using the Snap Takeaway platform. Retail Merchant Services membership, card processing and PCI compliance fees will apply, as per your current membership agreement. (2) Retail Merchant Services will redeem 0% commission based on order value for first 3 months of Snap Takeaway’s launch (Starting: 31/03/2020, ending: 30/06/2020). This may be extended or subject to other changes depending on the developments of COVID-19 and UK and Ireland business restrictions as per government and health advice.