Shortly after you join Retail Merchant Services, you will receive an email from your acquiring bank (Elavon or Global Payments) regarding your annual PCI Compliance. This will include a brief self-assessment questionnaire, which will guide you step-by-step through becoming compliant and must be completed and submitted online by you.


Important note: It is a requirement that all businesses must renew their PCI DSS certificate on an annual basis in order to remain compliant and avoid non-compliance fees from the acquirer.


You will receive annual reminders from your acquiring bank to renew your PCI DSS certificate, giving you peace of mind and ensuring you avoid non-compliance penalties.


  • Elavon Customers - Becoming Compliant 

    If you are with Elavon, you will have 90 days to register compliance online with their partner Sysnet. Elavon will e-mail you shortly after approval with an online link that you should follow to register. You will receive reminder e-mails from Elavon to complete this. To get in touch with Sysnet please call 03308083301.


  • Global Payments Customers - Becoming Compliant

    If you are with Global Payments, you will have 60 days to register compliance with their partner Security Metrics. Security Metrics will call you to ensure you are enrolled. To get in touch with Security Metrics please call 0203 014 7829.