This totally depends on the type of business you run and how you interact with customers. Consider whether you want to take card payments in-store, online, over the phone or on the move. We offer solutions for all scenarios and it’s necessary you select the correct method for your company. All RMS card machines accept all major debit and credit cards and come with contactless technology, Apple Pay and Android Pay.


  • Countertop Card MachinesA card machine commonly used by retailers, high street stores, salons and more, due to their fast processing speeds and fixed position. They’re easy to use and will sit comfortably beside the till, plugging into your broadband or phone line to keep you constantly connected.

  • Portable Card Machines
    No matter where your customer is sitting, our portable card machines allows you to accept card payments wherever they are. Perfect for pubs, cafes and restaurants, the wireless portable card machine can connect via Bluetooth or WiFi so you are able to take the payment to the customer and accept payments anywhere on the premises.

  • Mobile Card Machines
    Mobile card machines are used by businesses that look to accept card payments on the move, such as couriers, taxi drivers and retailers who attend markets and events. The machine connects wirelessly to a mobile network via a pre-installed SIM card to process transactions thanks to GPRS technology. They can process transactions from anywhere in the UK with network coverage.