• For customers using Elavon as their acquiring bank:

    If you signed up with us after January 2017, your card terminal will automatically be able to accept AMEX.
    If you signed up with us before January 2017, you have the choice to either sign a document from Elavon that we can provide you with or contact American Express and set up an account in your own time.

    Note: If you do decide to go directly through American Express, any AMEX transactions that are put through the terminal will be processed by them and not Elavon. Therefore, for any AMEX transaction queries, you will need to call American Express.


  • For customers using Global Payments as their acquiring bank

    To enable AMEX transactions on your terminal, you will have to contact American Express directly. Once you have done this, you will need to pass us your AMEX Merchant ID so we can update our records (American Express will provide you with this when you register with them).