Software update for your card machine

Download the latest software update for your card machine. Maintain peak performance, gain new features and uphold security.


This software update only applies to the following card machine models:

Verifone VX520, VX680, VX675, VX820

In order to make the update, there are 2 processes that need to be completed: The End of Day Report and the Software Download itself. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: End of Day Report

From the main menu


  1. Select Batch

  2. Select End of Day

  3. Input '1234', then press Enter

  4. Select Yes



Step 2: Download Software Update

From the main menu

  1. Press the second from left purple key (underneath the screen) until you see the option for Terminal

  2. Select Terminal

  3. Select Download

  4. Input '1234', then press Enter

  5. Select Initialize

  6. For units connected to the internet, ensure the code is VCUK.VERIFONE.COM:8013.

    For card machines connected to the telephone line, ensure the number is 03301239013 (for UK) or 00448447016306 (for IRE).

  7. Press Enter

  8. Select Start

The card machine will reboot and 10 dashes (-) will appear on the screen. These will change to stars (*) as the download progresses.

Once the download is finished, your terminal will reboot and return to the main menu.


If you have any difficulties, please contact us on live chat.