How do I set my card terminal to Auto Network Selection?


By default, when ‘roaming’ is enabled on a card terminal, the application will be set to automatically select the strongest network if the primary network falls below the signal threshold.

If the terminal has to be configured to a manual selection and there is a requirement to enable auto selection, please call our Customer Support team on 01908 354 500.



My card machine will not turn on, how can I fix this?


There are a few things you can try yourself to power up the card machine again.

  1. Take the back case off the card machine and pull out the battery that is attached to the white connecter.
  2. Place the white connecter back into the terminal making sure it fits securely.
  3. Place the terminal back on charge and wait for it to switch on.

Failing this, try placing the charger into a different mains socket.

If your terminal is still out of power, please contact Customer Support on 01908 354 500.


How do I turn off automatic end of day reports being printed?


To turn off automatic end of day reports, you will need to call our Customer Support on 01908 354 500. One of our technical team will turn this function off for you.



My card machine is showing a “TAMPER” error screen, what does this mean?


Unfortunately, this is an irreversible error, please get in touch with us ASAP as we will need to replace your terminal. Call our Customer Support team on 01908 354 500.


I am trying to take phone payment for a customer who has no postcode, how do I complete the payment?


If there is no postcode, please select ‘enter’ on your card machine. This will skip to the next part of the payment. 


How do I cancel my Retail Merchant Services agreement?


If you need to cancel your agreement, you need to make a cancellation request by calling us on 01908 354 500. 


What is my MID?


Your MID is your Merchant ID number and can be found at the top of any printed receipts, in some operational e-mail correspondence from RMS an in some cases, printed letters.


Can I change the password for my terminal?


Yes. You will need the account holder for your business to call us and answer some security questions before the password can be changed.


Where can I find my supervisor card?


If your card machine requires one, your supervisor card will be taped to the inside lid of the terminal delivery box that gets sent to you. 


Can I hire a terminal for an event or for busier business days?


Yes. For existing RMS customers you can hire terminals on a temporary weekly or monthly basis.

Please ensure you give us 7 days’ notice from the day you would like the terminal.

We can also cater for larger trade events and festivals spanning 1-3 days if sufficient terminal numbers are required. Please contact us on 01908 354202 for any specific requirements. 


How much does a hire terminal cost?


To get pricing on our temporary terminals, please get in touch. This may vary depending on the type of terminal, the number you require and how long you will need the terminals for.