Retail POS system from small businesses

Take the hassle out of multi channel retail with a single system that integrates stores, eCommerce, stock management, payments and insight driven data.

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One system to manage your business from top to bottom

Integrate the latest POS retail technology into your store, and through data analysis, you’ll be able to proactively manage your products, implement barcoding and setup promotions from one portal. Make critical savings on wastage with the right visibility on stock levels and boost revenue through customer loyalty programmes exclusive to your business.


Retail POS system | What's included?


epos touch screen terminal

EPOS for retail terminal

Touchscreen display with retail-based software

contactless card machine

Credit & debit card machine

Take card payments with contactless, Apple Pay & G-Pay



Secure metal cash drawer and receipt printer

ongoing support

User support

24/7 phone support, guided installation & configuration

Flexible product management

Take control of your entire product range by inputting key product data points such as SKU code, brand, cost price, RRP and supplier information. Label your products into pre-determined categories, such as: new arrivals, gift packs, clearance or bulk-buys.

If your products have a lot of colour and size variations, these can be easily created by duplicating an existing product record and editing the minor changes. For example, you can customise for men, women and children’s clothes in a number of sizes and facilitate any colour. Populate a specific stock level for each variant and set the rate of order. This is perfect for a top selling product with a less popular variant.

  • Manage your entire product catalogue
  • Sort by new items & bundles
  • Customise size, colour, weight & more

Barcoding & shelf-edge labels

Print custom barcodes, promotional pricing and shelf-edge labels using your retail POS system. Generating barcodes can drastically improve productivity and reduce service time from your employees to the customer. Leaving your products marked with pricing and SKU information that’s displayed in complete transparency. Since a barcode can be attributed to stock, pricing other product information, it’s possible to gather data faster and promote informed decision making.

  • Print barcodes & shelf-edge labels
  • Attribute barcodes to stock & pricing
  • Reduce service time in your store




Dynamic & measurable promotions

Setup multiple promotions across different products and site locations, that can be monitored and updated centrally from the EPOS system software. Pre-set separate qualifying criteria and start dates to increase turnover and reduce non-selling stock without a huge marketing spend.

  • Set different varaibles simultaneously
  • Monitor & measure centrally
  • Increase turnover

Software crafted for retailers


We will arm you with the best functions & features relevant to your industry, that compliment your employees and serve you only the most incisive insights.

Perfect for high-street shops, trade desks, cash & carry, fashion boutiques, jewellers, mechanics and more.


bespoke software


Remote system management

Securely and remotely access your entire system from any device. Monitor security, access account information, amend pricing and run reports. The online portal can be accessed by a tablet, PC and smartphone by simply entering your login credentials. Start tracking business performance at all times, whether you’re on holiday or out on business.

  • Access POS through an online portal
  • Use a tablet, PC or smartphone
  • Remote business performance tracking

Weighing scale integration

Hook up your Retail POS system with a unique weighing scale integration. Sell products by weight with improved efficiency, reduced waste, and ultimately, increased margins with easy-to-use software that links to your existing weighing scale setup. Ideal for butchers, green grocers, pet shops, wholefood stores and supermarkets.

  • Integrate your scales with EPOS
  • Reduce wastage, increase margins
  • Ideal for butchers & supermarkets




EPOS for retail | Frequently asked questions

What is EPOS?

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) is a system combining hardware and software products used at the point of sale within high-street shops, supermarkets and restaurants to monitor sales, stock levels, employee performance and other business metrics.

The difference between a traditional POS and EPOS, is that transactions are logged centrally to a server, which automatically adjusts inventory quantities within the business. This gives the business owner a huge amount of data insight and can drastically improve efficiency and reduce wastage within their business.

Want to learn more? Contact our sales team.

Do you have a card machine that works with my existing EPOS system?

Yes. Retail Merchant Services can supply your businesss with a card machine that integrates with your existing EPOS setup so you don't have to replace the entire system and unravel existing processes.

If you want more information about our integration options, please contact our sales team.

Which scales are compatible with the EPOS system?

The EPOS now system integrates with a range of Avery Berkel scales and has been fully certified by the National Measurements Office of the UK Government.

Simply select the product and place the items on the scale. The system will calculate the weight and cost instantly, whilst adjusting your overall stock levels at the same time.

To learn more about the features and functions of EPOS, please contact our sales team.

Will EPOS work with my accounts software?

You can link a number of business applications through your EPOS system, including accounts software (such as Sage and Xero) to post transactions across different platforms for a seamless integration.

All apps are available through a dedicated app store and cover accounting, marketing, appointment & bookings, table planning and loyalty programmes.

Contact our sales team to learn more.