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Refer A Business

Refer a business to us and we will give you a £100 Gift Card*

Refer A Business

We want to help other businesses like yours.

Refer another business to Retail Merchant Services and we can offer them a competitive card payment solution with a flexible pricing plan, same day settlements and UK based customer support.

In return, we will reward you with a £100 Gift Card* when they successfully become a Retail Merchant Services member. This reward is available for every business that you refer.


£100 Gift Card*
refer a business to us


You refer a business to us

competitive payment solution


We will offer them a competitive card payment solution

£100 Gift Card*


We will give you a £100 Gift Card*

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I refer more than one business?
Yes, you will get a £100 Gift Card* for every business you refer that successfully becomes a Retail Merchant Services member.

Q: When will I receive my £100 Gift Card*?
A: Your reward will be sent to the email address you provide on the submission form at the bottom of this page, up to 30 days after the business you refer becomes a Retail Merchant Services member.

Q: Can I check the progress of an application?
We can't divulge any information about a membership application, but you can ask the business you referred personally.

*Restrictions apply, see

To qualify for the reward of a £100 Gift Card*

  • The business you refer must not be an existing Retail Merchant Services customer.
  • You must be a current customer of Retail Merchant Services to refer another business.
  • The referred business must be accepted after appropriate credit and viability checks.


Read the full terms & conditions for the 'Refer A Business' scheme here.