Smart card machines

The V240m smart card machine is fast, secure and fully mobile. Packed with tech it automatically switches between Wi-Fi and a GPRS mobile signal so it's always connected.

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waiter taking card payment from a customer using a Verifone V240m in a restaurant

Smart, secure and well connected

The portable V240m is packed with smart technology to open your business to new opportunities and flexible connectivity that strives to never leave you offline.

The integrated SIM card means the V240m is constantly roaming. The strongest signal is selected automatically and switched when necessary: if Wi-Fi drops out, GPRS will pick up the connection.


Powerful tools for taking payments & improving customer experience


  • Wi-Fi, GPRS & Bluetooth connections
  • Proactive technical support
  • PCI 5.0 highest level of security
  • Accept contactless & mobile wallets
  • Interactive multimedia support
  • 3.5" touchscreen display


Proactive support, driven by remote monitoring

Continuous status updates are sent remotely from your terminal to our support team every 5 minutes.

If the card machine has low battery, printer or keypad errors, a flag is raised so our team can act based on the priority level and solve the problem, before it becomes one for you.

  • Terminal reports issues automatically
  • High priority issues get fixed fast
  • Regular, automated software updates

Stay connected wherever you are


The V240m is available with dual-com (WiFi & GPRS) or tri-com (WiFi, GPRS & Bluetooth) connections. It roams to select the strongest signal and switches automatically to a new connection when required.

E.g. for a restaurant: you take payments inside at the bar via WiFi connection, then go outside to take payment at a table. WiFi drops out? No problem: GPRS will connect automatically.

  • WiFi, GPRS & Bluetooth connections
  • Dual-com & tri-com models
  • Free SIM card with every V240m

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Thousands of success stories from businesses just like yours



Our most secure card machine to date

Fully EMV approved and PCI 5.0 certified; the latest standards in payment security and the maximum PCI protection currently available.

End-to-end encryption and tokenization safeguard sensitive cardholder information, to combat fraud and prevent data breaches. 

  • Latest in data safety standards
  • Fully PCI 5.0 certified
  • Peace of mind for you & your customers

Smart capabilities to future-proof your POS

Download apps² for you and your customers that can increase customer loyalty, offer rewards, accept payment with points and issue digital coupons. It’s the best way to customise your card machine and maintain a competitive edge.

  • 'Smart-ready' card machine
  • Capable of downloading business apps
  • Increase customer loyalty & generate new business

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FAQs | V240m smart card machine

What does 'dual-com' & 'tri-com' mean?

Dual-com and tri-com are the names of the two V240m models available and relate to the number of connections each card machine has.

Dual-com connections
  • WiFi
  • GPRS (SIM card included)
Tri-com connections
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPRS (SIM card included)
  • Bluetooth

You will have full access to each connection listed under our chosen model; the V240m will automatically choose the strongest signal available to it, requiring no manual intervention from you.

One use case would be a restaurant or pub. You may have a strong WiFi connection close to the bar or front desk, but perhaps it tends to drop-out as you go outside or into other areas of the building. If the V240m were to lose Wi-Fi signal, it would reassign the next strongest connection to it automatically. If Wi-Fi drops out, GPRS takes over and vice-versa.

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How does proactive customer support work?

The V240m is a smart terminal with diagnostic technology that identifies technical issues with your card terminal.

Every 5 minutes, a system 'health-check' is scanned across your card machine and if any errors are found, the terminal will automatically notify our customer support team.

This includes (but is not exclusive to):

  • Low battery levels
  • Printer errors
  • Keypad errors
  • Network issues

Each error will be assigned a priority level within our internal system and depending on the issue, it will either be fixed remotely by one of our card machine experts or you will be given a call to fix the problem over the phone. High priority errors will be dealt with first.

With status updates being sent every 5 minutes, it's often that we will know about any potential issues before you do, hence the 'proactive' customer support.

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Can I accept all payment types?

The V240m accepts all card payments from the major card schemes as well as lesser-known cards.

The terminal itself can process contactless card transactions and mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay & G Pay. Digital signature capture can also be supported.

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What's in the box?
  • 1x Verifone V240m card machine
  • 1x charging base unit
  • 1x power cord
  • 1x SIM card (integrated)
  • 2x till rolls

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¹ Terms & conditions apply. Whilst stocks last. The pricing benefits listed on this page ( only apply to the dual-com and tri-com models of the Verifone V240m smart card machine. They do not apply to any other product shown on this website. In some cases, pricing benefits can only be accessed by meeting certain turnover criteria. For full terms, please contact us.

Please note: All Retail Merchant Services members are subject to separate charges from our associated acquiring banks.

² Every V240m card machine has smart capable technology built-in. The software you receive with your terminal may differ depending on the release date of the card machine and can be subject to updates by the manufacturer, Verifone, that change the functionality of the terminal. You may have to await a particular software update before all smart functions are operational on the card machine.