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Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are proven to increase your average transaction value and reduce checkout times. Your customers can make any purchase up to £30 with a tap of their card.

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contactless payments

The benefits of contactless payments.

All Retail Merchant Services credit card machines come with contactless payments as standard. Your customers can make fast and secure payments by simply tapping their card onto the card terminal. Increase impulse purchases and reduce queue times.

  • Reduce checkout times and avoid long queues in store
  • Fast and simple card payments up to a value of £30
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards with NFC technology
  • Full PCI Compliance, contactless payments are safe and secure
  • Embrace smartphone payments like Apple Pay & Android Pay
  • Ideal for increasing impulse purchases

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Popularity Soaring for Contactless

“More than three times as many contactless card payments were made in 2015 than in 2014, with
1 billion contactless payments made, accounting for almost 9% of all consumer card payments."

- Payments UK, 'UK Payment Markets Summary 2016'

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About Contactless Payments

  • How does it work?

    There's an NFC chip inside contactless debit and credit cards that gets recognised by our card machines. When a contactless card is touched against the card terminal, it transmits purchase information. Customers don’t have to enter their PIN number, so it’s much faster than a normal card payment.

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  • Is it secure to use?

    Contactless cards are built with the same security system as Chip & PIN, so your customers can have every confidence when using their contactless cards with our terminals. Every contactless card has a range of security features to safeguard your information and protect you against fraud.

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NFC Technology

“Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, give consumers the opportunity to make contactless payments without actually having their plastic debit or credit card to hand."

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Accept payments from smartphones

  • Apple Pay

    All our card terminals accept Apple Pay, so your customers can make contactless payments with their iPhone (including iPhone 7 and iPhone 6) or Apple Watch, without the use of a physical credit or debit card.

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  • Android Pay

    Following in the footsteps of Apple Pay, Android Pay is another contactless payment option for your customers utilising NFC technology. All of our card machines come with contactless payments as standard.

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