Partner with us for seamless integration of payments

A team of payments experts working together to create a smooth customer experience for integration partners and their merchants.

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Partner with us for seamless integration of payments

13 January 2022

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We asked our Partnerships Team what makes them stand out from our competitors, and why businesses should partner with us for seamless integration of payments. 

With a combined experience of almost 50 years in the payments industry, the team heads were happy to share their passion for payments partnerships, and explain how they bring
together great individuals to create a smooth customer experience for partners and merchants.

How is your approach to partnerships different to our competitors?


Josh stated that our position in the marketplace is that of a challenger, a credible alternative to the big boys that have been doing this for a long, long time.

"There are a lot of partnerships in the UK that are underserved or unhappy, and partnership solutions are handled with a one size fits all approach. Technology changes rapidly, and some of our competitors haven’t succeeded in helping their partners to keep up with these changes."

Vicky C approaches new potential partnerships by finding out a bit more about their business, their customers, what they want for their customers, what their overall objective for their business are, and most importantly how we can support them.

  • Do they have a constant flow of new business?
  • Can we support them with onboarding?
  • Can we work in a way that harnesses their existing offering to complement their software?
  • Can we solve a pain point either for them or for their customer? 

"People really are crucial, but we've got some fantastic technology, some of which we've developed ourselves." 


According to Vicki B, we work to understand the partners' pain points, and once we do, we help them build a bespoke solution, consistently going beyond what is expected to initiate a partnership and get it off the ground.  


"One size does not fit all when it comes to partnerships. We have an end goal to achieve mutually with partners, and how we get there can be tailored to each individual partner, and what suits their business and customers best.

As a partnerships team, we are a challenger in the payment space. We're not as well known as some of the bigger players, but that gives us agility. It means that we can change the way we do things if we need to. We can compensate our partners differently and we can offer end-user merchants the best possible solutions and the best prices."  


Why should businesses partner with you?


Josh believes that partners should trust us because we always put the customer first. With over 50,000 customers and a track record in dealing with the end-user, this will continue. And on that foundation, Josh is confident that great partnerships will be built as we continually strive for happy transacting customers.


"What we do could fit perfectly into their existing offering, enabling them to offer a better more streamlined service to their customers, better pricing and better products". 


What is important to our partners?


We know that what is important to our partners' customers is; speed, service, reliability, and how quickly they get their money into their bank account. It is our mission to ensure we achieve this every day, and with same-day settlement, merchants can get their funds paid on the same or next day, a benefit that partners really buy into. 


Vicki B understands that partners come to us because they want to offer their customers flexibility and options in payment solutions. They stay with us because of the service and because of the people, so an easy integration for our partners is a must.


"They will not partner with us if we cannot offer them an easy, quick, simple integration. If we don’t make the process simple, slick and quick they won’t work with us." 

Are you ready to provide payments as part of your service? 


We take the hassle out of integration and would love to hear from you if adding payments to your product or service could revolutionise your business. Visit the Partnerships page of our website for more information and case studies.

If you still feel like you could do with further guidance, be sure to reach out to the Partnerships Team and someone will get back to you straight away.