86% of customers believe mobile ordering is here to stay post-pandemic

With guaranteed accuracy, shorter waiting times and ease-of-use, there's no wonder that customers and business owners are embracing order and payment platforms.

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Give your customers the ability to order and pay online with Yoello

25 August 2021

mobile ordering Yoello

With most COVID restrictions a distant memory, you might be tempted to return to old ways of doing business. A high percentage of customers have embraced the cashless, contactless economy and believe it is here to stay. It has never been simpler for businesses to give their customers the ability order and pay on their mobile with our mobile ordering partner Yoello.

Yoello order and pay platform

Easy to set up and get going, when customers place their own orders, accuracy is guaranteed but businesses like yours also see;

  • An 10-30% increase in spend per head
  • Customer service improvements
  • Shorter queues and waiting times
  • Reduction in errors and staff costs

Perfect for any business whose customers want to place their own orders, either on the premises or click and collect. Yoello is perfect for; pubs, restaurants, takeaways, pop ups, and market stalls.

Yoello order and pay platform

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