Cash Advance & Loan Advance

Inject cash into your business the easy way! With your Retail Merchant Services membership, you could be entitled to cash or loan advances with simple, stress-free repayments.

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Introducing YouLend


Retail Merchant Services members have access to preferential rates for a cash advance or loan advance through our funding partner, YouLend. It offers simple and stress-free repayment options, designed in a way that doesn't interrupt your cashflow. If you're looking to inject some cash into some much needed areas of your business, then look no further. 

What exactly is a cash advance?


Our definition

"An advance payment made to your business from the provider as a lump sum, which is then repaid as an agreed percentage of your future credit and debit card transactions."

  • Access unsecured funding from £2,500-£250,000

  • Repay flexibly through your card machine

  • Get funded in 2-7 days, all costs agreed upfront


Repay as you earn


Alternative funding for small business owners


  Unsecured funds from £2,500-£250,000*
  Typically 2-7 days from application to funding
  Approval rate much higher than the banks
  Repaid via your card machine as a percentage of future card sales
  All costs are agreed upfront, you only payback as you earn
  No late payments, monthly charges or hidden fees
  85% of customers renew their advance

"Better than a bank!"

A straight forward and easy solution. My business can expand thanks to the advance from YouLend and their partnership with RMS. It’s a nice, simple, and transparent way to work. From our experience, when you are a fairly new business that has grown very fast other lenders don’t want to know. Please speak with these guys, they are better than a bank! - Robert Frew, Mobility Matters Ltd

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What is a loan advance?


Through your Retail Merchant Services membership, you can apply for a loan advance with YouLend, which is repaid flexibly by basing payments on a flat percentage of all your future card transactions. A loan advance provides you with a larger borrowing limit and a longer repayment period than a traditional loan. If you're a limited company needing an advance over £250K, this could be the solution for your business. 


Benefits of a Loan Advance


  • Funding from £2,500 - £500,000*
  • Longer repayment period compared to a traditional loan
  • Larger borrowing limit and better pricing options
  • Suitable for Limited companies
  • Repayments proportionate to your income



Some Small Print


*Eligibility criteria will apply. Businesses must be trading for a minimum of 4 months. A minimum monthly average of £2,500 in card transaction turnover must be achieved and in some cases proven by the provision of merchant statements. Cash Advances range from £2,500-£250,000 and are based approximately on 100% of your average monthly turnover from card transactions. Loan Advances range from £2,500-£500,000 and are only available to Limited companies. All Cash Advance and Loan Advance applications are processed by our dedicated provider, YouLend.

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To start an application for funding or simply to get more information, visit our dedicated partners of Cash & Loan Advance, YouLend.