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Phone Payments and Virtual Terminals

Give customers greater convenience without losing the personal touch and accept card payments over the phone with a virtual terminal.


Accept card payments over the phone

Accept card payments over the phone.

With a Virtual Terminal, businesses of all sizes can accept credit and debit card payments by phone or mail order. As long as you’re online, a virtual card terminal can be used from your PC, smartphone, tablet or any compatible device. 

  • Accept card payments over the phone with an online interface
  • Online Merchant Account and Phone Payments solution
  • Virtual Terminal can be used with any PC, smartphone or tablet
  • User-friendly interface designed with our customers in mind
  • No technical set up or integration required, easy to access
  • Instant online reporting to monitor transactions in real-time
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards from your customers
  • Access for up to 20 users per virtual terminal


Taking phone payments is simple

  • Virtual Terminal

    A Virtual Terminal is an online card machine, which can be accessed through a PC, smartphone or tablet. To take a payment over the phone, simply log into your merchant account and enter the customer's payment details. The payment is processed and completed from there.

  • Instant Online Reporting

    Your online merchant account lets you track, manage and process individual orders, with a traffic light safety system for validation and security notifications. Access your customer's payments through the virtual terminal in real-time and run business reports whenever you need.


Convenience for your customers

“Having a virtual terminal has made it so much easier to get paid quickly as I can take phone payments there and then.
The multiple user function means my staff can chase invoices and I can see every transaction and how much has been collected in real time. ”

Paul Hughes, Business World Services 

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