Snap Takeaway User Guide

Step-by-step guide to using the Snap Takeaway web page management tools. Including: Logging in, adding items to your menu and processing orders.


Snap Takeaway: Be found, take orders and get paid 

‘Snap Takeaway’ is an online platform for restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets that enables small business owners to present their menus online, take orders from their customers, and ultimately, open a revenue stream for newly instated food delivery and takeaway services during the UK business restrictions caused by COVID-19.
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User Guide


Snap Takeaway

Snap Takeaway User Guide

Logging in
Logging in to Snap Takeaway management tools.

Login screen

  1. Follow the URL:

  2. Enter your username and password.

    Note: These login credentials will be emailed to you by Retail Merchant Services during setup.

  3. Check the ‘Remember Me’ box if you want your web browser to save your login credentials for future use.

    Note: Please consider data protection before saving login details to devices used in shared or public workspaces, or those with multiple users.

  4. Press ‘Login’.

  5. Once logged in, you will see all the menu functions are located on the left side of dashboard:

Dashboard view

Forgot password?
What to do if you forget your password

Login screen

  1. Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen.

Forgot password screen

  1. Enter your registered email address.

  2. Press ‘Submit’.

  3. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.
Adding items to your menu

Menu categories


  1. Navigate to ‘Manage Menu Items’ by pressing Menus > Manage Menu Items.

  2. A menu item is predefined by the following categories:
  • Starter
  • Mains
  • Sides
  • Desserts
  • Hot drinks
  • Cold drinks
  • Other

    To add an item under a category, press the blue link to the right of the chosen category.

    Note: In brackets, you will see the number of items currently listed under that category.

Edit menu items

  1. You can add up to 10 new menu items at once. Populate the relevant fields with information on your products:

  • Menu item name
  • Small description of the product: Ingredients, cooking method, allergens, etc.
  • Price
  • Available to be ordered or not (this can be useful if your stock inventory fluctuates)
  • Vat applicability

  1. By pressing ‘Submit’, the menu items will be displayed on your web page and be available to order immediately.
Managing your orders

  1. To view received orders, navigate to Orders > Manage Orders.

    All orders are displayed numerically, with the following information:

  • Sr. no. (serial number)
  • Order# (order number)
  • Order date
  • Customer name
  • Order amount (total)
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery type and payment option
  • Order status
  • Action


  1. To change the status of an order, check the appropriate option in the ‘Action’ column to:

  • Pending
  • Processed
  • Cancel

Order details

  1. To see the itemised order of a customer, click on the order number.

    A pop-up window will appear displaying each menu item ordered, along with their prices, quantity and VAT. It also includes any dietary requirements and states the chosen delivery type.
Customising your web page
Adding information to the 'About Us’ section of your web page.

About us section


  1.  Navigate to: Site Details > About Us.

  2. Write in the box shown and consider including information about your location, opening hours and any other operations that could be altered or affected by coronavirus.

  3. Press ‘Submit’.
Choosing a web page template
Select the template style of your web page.

Choose your web page template

  1. Navigate to: Site Details > Template.

  2. Choose the desired template by checking the relevant box.

  3. Press ‘Submit’. Your template will be active straight away.
Selecting Delivery and Payment Options
Set the delivery and payment options available to customers at the point of ordering from your web page.

Delivery and Payment Options


  1. Navigate to: Site Details > Delivery and Payment Option

  2. Check or uncheck the delivery and payment options for your customers depending on availability:


  • Takeaway
    Customer travels to your business address to collect their order
  • Cash - Customer pays for their order with physical cash
  • Card payment - Customer pays by card using your contactless card machine

  • Home Delivery – You deliver the order to the agreed customer delivery address
  • Cash on Delivery – Customer pays for their order with physical cash when you deliver
  • Phone Payment – Customer pays for their order over the phone in advance of delivery. You accept their card by using your virtual terminal or card machine with CNP¹ (Customer Not Present transactions) activated.

    Note: It is not recommended to handle cash unnecessarily during COVID-19, as this could increase the risk of transmitting the virus. Where possible, we encourage you to accept card payments over the phone and in cases where you can’t deliver, use your card machine to accept a contactless payment.

    (1) Transaction costs may vary between Customer Not Present and Customer Present transactions. This is imposed by your acquiring bank.


  1. Press ‘Submit’ to confirm these options.
Change your password
Change the password used to access your web page management tools.

Change password

  1. Navigate to Change Password.

  2. Enter your email address, new password and confirm password

  3. Press ‘Submit’.